Our urban winery began as a premium craft wine making store in 1996 with the opening of the Yonge Street Winery in Aurora. Two decades later, though we have branched out becoming a lifestyle boutique of all things grand, we've never forgotten our roots. Discover wines from around the globe and close to home too. From barrel aged California Cabs to vegan and gluten free wines small batch fermented, we custom craft wine to your unique specifications.

Our wines are not available to purchase by the bottle, instead you order a 30 bottle batch or in some cases, 12 bottles, and the wine is custom made and ready for you in 4 - 6 weeks depending on your choices. Feel free to call or email us if you have more questions.


WBC (Wine by the Case) $159.99 Our very best cases of 12 bottles

Winery Series and RQ's $279.99

Essentials $209.99 The name says it all

Essential Select $249.99 A step above

Explorers $189.99 wine doesn't have to be complicated - Just Enjoy!

Orchard Breezin - $189.99 Fun and Fruity

Express $175.99 Our alternative to boxed wines.

Low Alcohol/Keto (5.5%) - $189.99 Specialty wines crafted to your requirements.

WBC - Wine by the Case - about $159.99 for 12 bottles. Treat yourself to a case of our very best! New varieties added regularly.


Come in to our wine shop for a visit or order here, you won't be disappointed! Grape harvests vary throughout seasons, so we're changing our offerings regularly! We're sure you'll find a favourite.