Essentials (30 bottles of wine)

Essentials (30 bottles of wine)

Regular price $198.00

Order today and call or leave us a phone number to arrange the making and bottling appointment details. Wines from our Essentials line will be ready to take home in about 6 weeks.

As always, wine,labels, foils, corks and taxes are included in your purchase price. Bottles are extra if required. At a cost of just $6.60 a bottle, it compares favourably to a $12 -15 bottle from the LCBO.

A standard, our Essentials line many people like to call there own "house wine". Hailing from countries including France, Australia, USA, Canada, Italy and Chile, take home 23 litres (30 bottles) of this wine  in just over a month!  A great choice for wedding wine since it makes everyone happy!

Try our 2020 Limited Edition West Coast Wonder. A fun California Cab Blend which is barrel aged for FREE.