Wine Life Professional Wine Preservation System

Wine Life Professional Wine Preservation System

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WineLife Wine Preservation System - Simple, Convenient, Inexpensive

Winelife preserves the taste and bouquet of open bottles of fine wine using the same method as premier wineries use worldwide. Your partial bottles of fine wine can be kept fresh for weeks with Winelife, the most convenient wine preservation system anywhere. Just a two second application of Winelife will insure that your last pouring will bring as much satisfaction as the first. Each container can stop wine spoilage in up to 120 bottles of wine.

Wine Preservation that is Proven and Tested
ETS Laboratories, a noted enological testing laboratory in Napa, California, tested Winelife and found it to be effective in the reduction of wine oxidation spoilage. Testing showed that no significant differences were observed between freshly opened wine and wine in bottles that were opened, then treated with Winelife and held for 10 days! Many satisfied customers claim Winelife keeps bottles fresh for months! As you can see, Winelife is a proven wine preservation method.

A proprietary blend of food grade nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

15 grams

120 applications