Orchard Breezin (30 bottles of wine)

Orchard Breezin (30 bottles of wine)

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Wine doesn't have to be complicated.  Fun and easy drinking! 23 litres (30 bottles) of this wine can be yours in just a month! And best, your friends and family will love when you share it with them. 

Only 7 % alcohol by volume so you can fill your glass full and top with ice! If you love Muskoka Cranberry, you’re going to love these wines.

Order today and call or leave us a phone number to arrange the starting and the bottling appointment details.

Like all our wine packages, the wine, labels, foils, corks and taxes are included in your purchase price. Total cost is $6.33 per bottle including taxes. Compares favourably with a $10 bottle of wine from the LCBO. Bottles are extra if required. Feel free to call us if you have questions at 905 841-5552. Ask for Michele or Amanda. We're ready when you are.

LCBO Comparable: Arbor Mist, Wild Vines, and Muskoka Lakes Cranberry