Low Alcohol Keto Friendly Wine (30 bottles of wine)

Low Alcohol Keto Friendly Wine (30 bottles of wine)

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At only $6.33 per bottle, Wine doesn't have to be complicated, nor does it have to be high in alcohol. Fun, easy drinking, low alcohol wine! 23 litres (30 bottles) of this wine can be yours in just a month! And best, your friends and family will love when you share it with them. The newest addition in our No Lo Collection.

Between 5 - 8.5 % alcohol by volume so you can fill your glass full! You tell us your preference.

All our wines are dry and Keto friendly. They have only 2-4 grams of natural grape sugars per liitre (that's negligible per glass!) . They have no added sugar.

Order today and we'll call to arrange appointment details.

Like all our wine packages, the wine, labels, foils, corks and taxes are included in your purchase price. Total cost is $6.33 per bottle including taxes. Compares favourably with a $12 - $15 bottle of wine from the LCBO. Bottles are extra if required. Feel free to call us if you have questions at 905 841-5552.  We're ready when you are.

LCBO Comparable: we have not found any appropriate low alcohol wines available at the LCBO as all seem to be quite sweet.

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