Gruvi Juicy IPA Small Batch - 4 cans
Gruvi Juicy IPA Small Batch - 4 cans

Gruvi Juicy IPA Small Batch - 4 cans

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This IPA is healthy, fruity, and accessible to all drinkers, whether a beer connoisseur or a casual beer consumer. This IPA boasts under 50 calories, a fully vegan recipe, and less than 0.5 Alcohol-by-volume (ABV). Plus, this drink is the brand's first 'Hazy IPA,' meaning the drink is cloudy and foamy, adding to the overall experience.

On top of this, the Gruvi Juicy IPA has natural fruity flavors including pineapple, citrus, and fig. The combination of the natural ingredients, low ABV, low calories, and the fact that this drink features no added sugar, makes it one of the healthiest IPAs on the market, even amongst other non-alcoholic IPAs.

The hazy color and mouthfeel that gives this IPA such an authentic flavor has remained
as has the froth, but Gruvi seriously ramped up the taste of the tropics in Batch #2. This second release of the Juicy IPA is packed with pineapple, which is nicely balanced with notes of citrus and a hint of fig.

But like all good things, this will be coming to an end. As a LIMITED SMALL BATCH, the Juicy IPA is likely to sell out quickly.

Case of four cans