Countdown Sour Ingredients
Countdown Sour Ingredients

Countdown Sour Ingredients

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ALL INGREDIENTS AND TOOLS SOLD SEPARATELY so you can choose only what you need.

Everything you need to make your own signature version of a New York Sour. Created for us by Chris Jacks of Nickel9 Distillery.

You add the lemon Juice and Island Diaz Rum if you don't want it alcohol free.


1.5 oz Island Diaz Spiced Rum ( Or alcohol free Fluere Spiced Cane)
0.5oz Orgeat Syrup
0.5ml Ni9 Cedar Cherry Bark Bitter
1ml Fee Foam

1 oz lemon juice

Shake all ingredients well with ice. Double strain into sour glass.
Float 1 oz red win Garnish with cocktail cherry