Non-Alcoholic Whisky Sour

Making a Whisky Sour just got a whole lot easier.  No more shaking egg whites until they're frothy (and your arms hurt), and with Kvas Whisky Sour Simple Syrup you can whip up a delicious cocktail in no time!
  • 3oz Free Spirits, Spirit of Bourbon
  • 3-5 Dashes Fee Brothers Fee Foam
  • 2oz Kvas Whisky Sour Simple Syrup
  • .25oz Fresh lemon Juice(optional)*
  • Sullivan Luxury Maraschino Cherry(optional)
Combine all ingredients, except for the cherries, into a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake vigorously for 1 minute.  Strain into Riedel Sour glass. Garnish with Sullivan Luxury Cherries.
Makes Two Cocktails.
* If you prefer a more tart Whisky Sour add Lemon Juice to taste.