Zeero Sangiovese Non Alcoholic

Zeero Sangiovese Non Alcoholic

Zeero Sangiovese is produced by Casa Emma Di Lepri Fiorella in Italy

Sangiovese is a red Italian grape. Zeero Sangiovese is an Italian-based non-alcoholic red wine that is an excellent drink for any celebration, which doesn't give you hangovers and headaches. It contains zero added sugar, low calories, and has 100% organic grapes, with hints of blackberries, currant, and white peach. It has all-natural colors to make the wine more attractive and appealing. What else do you need? You no more have to trade health for enjoyment, for you have Zeero Sangiovese to celebrate all your achievements.

It is a dry wine with intense ruby red colour. It has a complex body and perfectly balanced tannins.

The spinning cone column technique is used to smoothly remove the alcohol from the drink, and vacuum steam distillation is applied, which maintains the desired temperature to extract the alcohol from the top layer of wine. This helps retain its authentic taste, tang, and aromas.

Zeero Sangiovese is prepared from top-quality red Italian grapes. It has no harmful additives, and the calories count is extremely low due to its zero sugar content. though it Like many other premium wines, it has only minimal sulphites, just enough to maintain the taste and freshness. It is a perfect drink for those who are on a keto diet.

Non Alcoholic Sangiovese Wine Tasting Notes:

It is crafted from real fresh dealcoholized Sangiovese (red Italian grapes), and has notes of blackberries, currant, and white peach. Natural flavors and body enhancers are also used. It has a fresh, fruity flavor. Zeero Sangiovese has a high acidity level with a high tannin flavor. The mixture of sweetness of fruits with a blend of bitter aftertaste wraps the palate pleasantly.