WIN Alcohol Free Tempranillo
WIN Alcohol Free Tempranillo

WIN Alcohol Free Tempranillo

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Two actually good non alcoholic red wines. Really!

Try the Organic if you like a little extra tannins in the finish. From a beautiful trellised Organic vineyard on the southwestern banks of Spain’s Douro River, this intense Spanish red wine is brimming with classic Tempranillo flavours that every red wine lover craves. Surprising NOT sweet, with a strong tannic finish. The Win secret is combining traditional Spanish winemaking with their patented chemical-free alcohol removal process.

Choose the regular if you prefer a smoother finish.

Alcohol by volume less than 0.5%
Residual sugar less than 0.5 g /100 ml
Serving temp 6 to 9 C
Calories per serving 33 calories per 100 ml
Sweetness Extra Dry to Dry