Salty Paloma Heartbreaker Rimmer
Salty Paloma Heartbreaker Rimmer

Salty Paloma Heartbreaker Rimmer

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Featured in the Holiday edition of Food and Drink November 2020.
Cocktails take some thought –  and just a that a little lick of salt – or raw cane sugar – cane take a drink from ho-hum to whoa, yum!

So what makes this rimmer different? Well Salty Paloma likes lime just fine, but lime salts have been done. Citrus is perfect in cocktails – but if they were going to bring another rimmer into this world, they wanted it to be unlike anything we’d ever tasted. A few grapefruits later…they nailed it.

Heartbreaker Rimmer

They say it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Well, Heartbreaker’s no exception. With raw cane sugar and grapefruit zest, she keeps it short, sweet, and suspiciously delish.

Ingredients: grapefruit, raw cane sugar

Size: 2oz bottle - rims about 50 glasses