Salty Paloma Fiesta Rimmer
Salty Paloma Fiesta Rimmer

Salty Paloma Fiesta Rimmer

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Cocktails take some thought –  and just a that a little lick of salt – or raw cane sugar – cane take a drink from ho-hum to whoa, yum!

So what makes this rimmer different? Well Salty Paloma likes lime just fine, but lime salts have been done. Citrus is perfect in cocktails – but if they were going to bring another rimmer into this world, they wanted it to be unlike anything we’d ever tasted. A few grapefruits later…they nailed it.

Fiesta Rimmer

Say hola to Salty Paloma Fiesta, with Himalayan sea salt, lime zest and – here’s the twist – grapefruit zest. Did somebody say arrriba?

Ingredients: grapefruit, lime, himalayan sea salt

Size: 2oz bottle - rims about 50 glasses