Muskoka Grill Scraper
Muskoka Grill Scraper

Muskoka Grill Scraper

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A new must have for the griller! Metal grill brushes leave behind dangerous bristles. This Ontario made wood BBQ scrapper cleans your grill efficiently and with NO risk of metal shards or wine bristles in your food. Handcrafted from basswood.

Cleaning Instructions:

1. Preheat your grill. Ensure your grill is on high heat to start the grooving process. Dip scraper in water and continue to form grooves. High heat will allow the grooves to form quickly.

2. Slide back and forth on grill using slow, firm pressure.

3. Repeat. Align the previously formed grooves to grate ensuring one set of grooves forms.

Hints: High heat is only necessary to form the grooves. No maintenance is required, but store away from sun and rain. Dip your scrapper in oil to coat the grill.