Honey from local Belicious
Honey from local Belicious

Honey from local Belicious

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Ontario Wildflower No.1 Golden Raw Honey

Large 580 grams jar

As its name states, raw honey is not pasteurized, not filtered, unaltered, unprocessed, and harvested directly from the honeycomb to your pantry, courtesy of nature’s little honeybees.

Besides being delicious, long lasting, and a healthier alternative to sugar or artificial sweeteners, raw honey has a lot of potent health benefits. It's believed to be a probiotic immune system booster and a natural cough suppressant/reliever.

A healthy addition to every Charcuterie board. Flavored options available in store as well.

Also available in 15KG container for mead making or real honey lovers! this large format only available for shipping in Ontario