RQ 2020 Limited Edition Wines (30 bottes of wine)

RQ 2020 Limited Edition Wines (30 bottes of wine)

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These wines are only available now and  in limited quantities. They compare favourably with $18 - $20 bottles from the LCBO. They are varietal true and you will taste the heritage of the country and terroirs they come from. You pay only $8.63 per bottle including tax and  in a little under two months  you will receive 23 litres (30 bottles) of this elegant wine . Better than all our other wines, only our wine by the case (WBC) program provide higher quality wines.

If you have patience, try our 2020 Limited Edition Triple Threat California Cab Blend. Includes Barrel Aging for FREE (a $35 value). The other three take just a month and a half, but our Triple Threat  will spend a few extra months in a barrel resting before you take it home.

Order today and call or leave us a phone number so that we may call to confirm details, special instructions and to arrange the bottling appointment,

As always, wine,labels, foils, corks and taxes are included in your purchase price. Bottles are extra if required.