Castello Danish Blue Cheese
Castello Danish Blue Cheese

Castello Danish Blue Cheese

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Traditional and Extra Creamy
125 grams
AVAILABLE by delivery in Aurora and Curb side pickups only as this cheese requires refrigeration.

Traditional Danish Blue

Pair Danish Blue with seared beef, veal or pork steak, allowing it to melt in, or serve it in soups, pastas or stews for an extraordinarily creamy consistency. Enjoyed cold, zesty apple, dark chocolate and pear stand in great contrast and complement the flavors beautifully by subduing the sharper tones of the cheese – a great way of introducing skeptic audiences to blue cheese.

The quintessence of fine dining since its origin, Castello Traditional Danish Blue cheese exudes self-indulgence at the highest level. Also known as Danablu, the cheese is made using cow’s milk and displays fine streaks of blue veins along its white interior. Resembling Danish royal porcelain, it enchants with tones of mild bitterness and salt. The flavors are pungent and sharp, with a creamy and smooth texture on par with many soft cheeses.

Extra Creamy Danish Blue

A milder and creamier version of the Traditional Blue Cheese. The taste is aromatic and flavourful.